Please remember in your Prayers...

The family and friends of the late Jean Cartwright

Marilyn Hodgkinson, family and friends of the late Ernie Hodgkinson

Rachel and Andrew Wood, as Rachel continues her ministry in Walsall

David Howard

John Walley

Roger Langford

Ann Booth and her son, Gwyn

Jane's sister, Susan Garrett

Janet and Keith May

Barbara and Roly Jones

Irene Baker

Rose Bostock

Delia Page

Betty Tilley

Jessie Webb

Mike Baker

Beryl Nixon

George Attwood

Peggy Broadhead

Sid, Andrew Wood's father

Gladys and her family

our friends at Oriel House

the Street Pastors

the Stourbridge Food Bank volunteers

all of our fellow Gig Mill Church members
who are unwell at the moment.