A welcome message from
Rev Michael Payne

Welcome to the Gig Mill Methodist Church Web Site.

I have recently moved to the area from Lancashire where I was working with the Methodist Church for ten years.

Moving to new areas is always a time of tension and excitement ;
what will we find?  Will we be welcomed?

The answer to the second question is "yes", and to the first, a lot of traffic lights and slow journeys across town.

Importantly In the churches I am working in, I have found an eagerness to look at what God is asking us to be and to do with Him, in the coming months and years, that more people will come into a relationship with Jesus.

My own living relationship/journey with Jesus began when I was 12. Since then I have been involved with a number of Churches and Church groups, discovering more about the love of God for me and for others.

As I get to know the people of Gig Mill, both inside and outside the Church, I hope that together we can learn more of God, and share more of His love wider in the community.

May God's blessing rest upon each of you all and may you experience the immensity of His love.